Children in Need

Reading Children’s Social Care team provides a range of services for children, young people and their families.

We have a legal duty under The Children Act 1989 to help and protect children in need. We undertake an assessment to determine the support a family may require to promote a child or young person’s health and development. We provide support and advice when a child is:

  • in need because their family is in crisis
  • in need because a parent has a disability
  • disabled or has a serious illness
  • cared for away from their family
  • in need of support after leaving the care of the local authority
  • lacking family support or homeless
  • emotionally and behaviourally distressed or in trouble with the law

If you are a professional and wish to refer a child in need, please see the professionals area of this site which can be accessed via the link on the left of this page. Please note that to refer a child in need, you must have parental consent (and the consent of the child, if old enough) before sharing information with us.

If this is your child (or you are a relative or friend) and you wish to ask for support, please call the Access and Assessment team on the number above. They will talk you through the process and offer advice and guidance depending on the particular situation.

Chidren’s Action Teams (CATs)
Some children are better supported by working jointly with a family worker, the child’s school and the parents. In such cases, there will be a discussion with the family about the possibility of referring on to a CAT, either immediately or following an initial assessment.