Children's Social Services

Reading’s Children’s Social Care service is responsible for supporting and caring for some of the most vulnerable children and young people in the borough. Social workers can assess the needs of the family and what services would meet the needs identified. They can also provide direct help to families in the form of advice, practical assistance and guidance.

Families requiring lower levels of support are generally referred to as ‘Children In Need’. Some children will however require more intensive services to help protect them from harm - these we call 'children requiring protection'. The pages in this area will guide you through making a referral for a child in need or a child in need of protection. We also have an area designed for professionals which contains some of the tools and guidance they will need.

If you are a family receiving social worker support for whatever reason, your social worker will be able to offer guidance on what to expect. We also have some leaflets in the Child Protection area which you may find useful.