Learning Disability Services

What is a learning disability?

A person may have a learning disability if they have a significantly reduced ability to understand new and/or complex information and/or learn new skills. A person with a learning disability might have a reduced ability to cope independently. Learning disability begins before adulthood and is a lifelong condition.

Most learning disabilities are caused by the way the brain develops before, during or soon after birth. This makes it difficult for people to learn, communicate and carry out day to day activities. Their lives are made more difficult by the fact that they are treated badly by other people who don't understand what it means to have a learning disability.

A learning disability does not have to stop someone from learning and achieving but they will always need some support. How much support they need depends on the severity of their disability. Reading Community Team for People with Learning Disabilities is a joint health and social care team providing a wide range of support services to help adults with learning disabilities live as independently as they can and help them reach their full potential.

We also support carers of people with learning disabilities.