Double Visitor Parking

News Article


Plans to double the amount of free visitor permits available to people living in Residents Parking Zones have been agreed,
Reading Borough Council offers time-limited visitor permits to the 12,000 residents who live in the restricted zones, but need the flexibility of additional parking permits so visitors to their homes can park nearby, either in the day or overnight.

In January 2011 a revised Residents Parking Scheme was introduced which replaced the 20 free all-day permits a year on offer to residents, with provision for only one book of 20 free half day visitor permits instead. Residents have since expressed concerns about the change.

A Residents Parking Review update report went to Cabinet on Monday September 26. It was agreed to double the amount of free half day permits available to residents from 20 (one book) to 40 (two books), with immediate effect. Additional visitor permits over and above the free allocation will still be charged at £20 per book.

Following a period of public consultation a new Residents Parking Scheme became operational in early 2011 in which the 52 smaller zones were replaced with 14 larger zones, located mainly in central Reading. This provides permit holders with much more flexibility and more places to park within a larger zone.

Reading Borough Council has since monitored the new scheme with a view to making additional improvements where necessary or considering changes where they have received significant feedback from residents on any particular issue.