Green Bins Free

News Article


Proposed new charges for the 17,000 households in Reading who have their garden waste collected from their doorsteps were scrapped at a meeting of Reading Borough Council’s Cabinet on Monday July 11.

Earlier this year the Council announced it would be introducing an annual charge of £22.50 to the thousands of households in Reading who choose to have their garden waste collected every fortnight in green bins.

In June a detailed review of the charging policy was announced. Four options were brought forward to the Cabinet meeting on July 11. They were to continue with the proposed £22.50 charge (£7.50 for bags); charge a lower annual rate; introduce concessions; or abandon charging altogether.

Reading Borough Council’s Cabinet agreed on Option 4 – to scrap the charges. It means garden waste collections will remain free.

All Reading householders who wish to continue with the free garden waste collections are now asked to continue putting out their green bin as before. The Council also welcomes new users who may not have considered the green waste service before.

For the small number of Reading residents who proactively paid the proposed charge, they will be fully reimbursed as quickly as possible by the Council.