Get Involved - Reading!

News Article


Reading Borough Council is launching an awareness campaign to encourage more local people to join the thousands of Reading residents who play a key role in their local community.

The campaign is called ’Get Involved - Reading!’ and examples of how easy and rewarding it is to get involved in community activities will be highlighted. Opportunities to get involved range from joining or setting up a community group like the Neighbourhood Action Groups (NAGs), it could be volunteering, getting more involved in local politics or simply being a good neighbour and keeping an eye on elderly or vulnerable people in your road.

Key events in the campaign are a councillor shadowing scheme, which will see members of Reading’s Youth Cabinet spending time with local councillors to see what their political work involves, and a debate during Black History Month looking at how to involve members of ethnic minorities and disabled people in the democratic process.

Follow this link for examples of how to get involved. It includes a DVD of local people talking about the community work they do, the bonus it brings to their neighbourhoods and the benefits they feel personally by making a difference, and a survey to find out how local people get involved in their local community.

Plans for 2011 include a series of roadshows around the borough so people who are active in their community can talk to others about what they do, why and what they get out of it.

And people can follow the developments on Facebook and share information about the activities they are involved in and how others can get involved.