Overnight Pay and Display Overnight Charges to be Removed

News Article


Reading Borough Council is responding to feedback from local residents and town centre visitors by removing overnight charges on Pay and Display bays.

In October this year the Council introduced a trial of Pay and Display parking in the Town Centre to provide more flexible parking options for visitors and residents. The scheme itself and all public comments have been closely monitored since its introduction.

From mid-January onwards, the Pay and Display trial is set to be adapted so that Town Centre Pay and Display bays which were previously in operation 24/7 will become operational from 8am to 8pm only, with no overnight charges applicable.

The move means Town Centre residents with little or no parking facilities at their properties will be able to use the Pay and Display to park ‘on-street’ for free from 8pm onwards. These residents are however reminded they will need to move their vehicles before the bays become operational again at 8am the following morning.

It also means that late night visitors will be able to park for free in Pay and Display bays from 8pm onwards, taking full advantage of all the Town Centre facilities without having to rush back to their vehicles before their two hour maximum stay is reached.

The changes have been put forward to make the scheme even more flexible for residents, to make visiting the town centre easier for everyone and to benefit the Town Centre economy.

The proposals will go to a meeting of Reading Borough Council’s Cabinet on January 17 for discussion. If ratified, overnight charges will be removed later in January. Relevant changes to signage will be made before the revised scheme is introduced.

It should be noted the change in hours of operation of Pay and Display apply only to those bays which were previously in operation 24/7. They do not apply to Pay and Display bays located within residents parking zones, where the hours of operation will continue to be 10am to 4pm.

Motorists are also asked to note there will be no charges in Pay and Display Bays on Christmas Day. Notices will be placed on all Pay and Display machines to this effect.