Contingency Communications

Reading Borough Councils’ emergency plans include provision for loss of conventional communications methods such as landline phones, mobile phones and internet connectivity.

The contingency communication measures include:

  1. All members of Councils' Emergency Response Teams that need to be at the scene of an emergency have been issued with Mobile Telephone Privileged Access Scheme (MTPAS) sim cards
  2. 2 way radios - The Council has in place a robust battery back up supported 2 way radio network covering the whole borough. Members of the Emergency Response Team and many other teams in the council have these radios which are used as a contingency communications system
  3. Satellite Phones - The Emergency Planning Unit has a number of Satellite Phones as part of a National resilience package. These can be used to contact other authorities when landlines and other communications are unavailable
  4. RAYNET - This is a group of radio amateurs who use specialist frequencies to transmit emergency messages. We hold equipment for them, and have staff trained to use it. The group can install aerials/antenna and repeaters at short notice to improve coverage
  5. Internet – The Council has an emergency system used to update the front page of its website and uses social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter to keep members of the public informed of current events and incidents