Sites and Detailed Policies Document

The Sites and Detailed Policies Document (SDPD) sets out detailed policies for use in decisions on planning applications and identifies sites for development, protection and for the application of specific policies. The document has 'development plan' status, which means that it is one of the main considerations in deciding planning applications within the Borough.

It was adopted on 23rd October 2012, which followed a process that began in 2008. Consultation on Issues and Options for the Site Allocations Document and Development Management Document took place in October 2008. Consultation on a number of additional sites, in the New Sites and Progress Update Paper, took place in October 2009. The documents were then combined to form the Sites and Detailed Policies Document (SDPD), and a full draft of the SDPD was consulted on in February 2010 and a revised draft in February 2011. The SDPD was submitted to the Secretary of State in July 2011, and, following an Examination during 2011/2012, was found to be ‘sound’ on 11th September 2012