Reading Central Area Action Plan

The Reading Central Area Action Plan (RCAAP) sets out the planning framework for the central area of Reading up to 2026. It contains general policies for the central area, as well as identifying specific sites for development or protection. The document has 'development plan' status, which means that it is one of the main considerations in deciding planning applications within the central area.

It was adopted on 28 January 2009, which was the culmination of a process that began in 2006. Consultation on the first stage, Issues and Options, took place in March and April 2006, and Preferred Options were published in January 2007. The RCAAP was submitted to the Secretary of State in March 2008. It was then subject to examination, hearings for which took place in September 2008, and it was found to be 'sound' on 10 November 2008.