Alteration to the Local Plan on Affordable Housing

The Council has two policies on affordable housing within existing development plan documents. Policy CS16 is within the Core Strategy (adopted 2008) and policy DM6 is within the Sites and Detailed Policies Document (adopted 2012).

There is a need to update these policies to take account of the national policy position in the National Planning Policy Framework. While it was intended to do this as part of a forthcoming review of the Council’s Local Plan, these policies needed to be altered more quickly to enable the Council to progress its Community Infrastructure Levy. Therefore, the Council is proposing alterations to the policies, reducing the target in policy CS16 from 50% to 30% along with some associated text changes; and making a small text change to policy DM6 to remove a stipulation on the tenure of affordable housing to be provided.

Information on the progress made on this alteration so far is available on the pages below.